Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yes, we are finally "home." What a rocky road we had to go through before we came to this point but, it was well worth it. We are finally settled and it feels great. We absolutely love this place. The first couple of weeks here and we have already scoped out the area. The kids are comfortable in there new house and school and it actually feels like home. We have already had visitors and more are still to come. It seems like we have company on a monthly basis and we love it. It makes us less homesick. We welcome everyone. Hope to see you all soon.
Hana and Kimmie climbing a three story rock wall. They did great and both made it to the top. Our little Miss Priss surprised us because she's a pretty tough cookie. Just like mom.
Alaia made herself right at home. She fussed her way around as usual. Here, she just wasn't feeling this particular horse.
Clea had to scope out the house and its belongings. We were amazed to see how she knew to turn on the computer, hop up on a chair, and work the mouse. At 14 months, she's got skill.
Here, she's basically "busted."

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