Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is the lookout point located in the center of the subdivision. There is a hill that you can climb up to see the entire neighborhood.
This is the walking trail that goes throughout the subdivision.
Our house is the one in the middle. This pic was actually taken from the school parking lot. This is where the girls will be attending elementary school. No more rushing to carpool. I love it.
Our humble abode.

The girls elementary school.
This is the playground right outside our door. A newer bigger one is being built directly behind it. What a convenience! There are also two swimming pools located in the community. It is perfect for us and the girls cannot wait.


Well people, we did it. We are finally making our move. For those of you who haven't heard yet, we bought a house in Dallas. Well, actually it's in Frisco, which is a newer area just North of Dallas and we absolutely love it. Everything is brand new and at hands reach. Perfect for this spoiled city girl! There is so much for the kids to do as well. It's almost like the city was built around children. We cannot wait for visitors. Well, not just yet though. Wayne will be leaving in early October and the girls and I will ride out New Orleans this last school year. I still have emotional ties to the area but, I am physically and mentally drained from it at the same time. As for my brother, Karl is seriously inquiring about Denver. If you know my brother, then you know how much of a mountain man he wants to become. I think it will do him so good. Anywhere but here. Same goes for my parents. We are still trying to talk them into moving out by us. Like I said, I would be happy for them to be anywhere but here. Wayne's side of the family however, have no plans on leaving just yet. They do have it on their minds but some still love the city. Anyway, check out some of our latest pics. We Love You All.