Monday, November 06, 2006

Spirit Bowl 2006

Yes we did it! We won the Spirit Bowl. Hana's division took the Silver but, her team as a whole won the 4 foot trophy for the best of the best in Spirit. She was so proud of herself. Go Fighting Irish!!!

Hana and Kayla
Terrytown Fighting Irish Intramural 6-8

Fun Foto's

The girls went to a sleepover party that had a night full of fun girly things to do. Here is Hana during her pedicure.
Alaia during her pedicure with her man, Connor, by her side.
Clea's first taste of pizza that she snagged along with her friend Laney.
The girls during a facial.
Hana boppin' her thang.
Alaia shows us her fun day at school.
The girls made breakfast for Daddy before his long trip back to Dallas.
Only three per stool please.

Happy Halloween 2006

Hana as "Cleopatra." Of course she has to be the center of attention.
Alaia enjoys her first pumpkin patch.
Alaia loved being a greek goddess all dressed up next to her big sister.
Our three girls.
Sweet princess.
Clea's first halloween all dressed up as a fifties chic.
The Egyptian Princess.
Hana and her friends had a blast this halloween.