Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Snell's Home

What a weekend! Thanks to my brother Karl, we moved all of our belongings into our house in just a couple of days. The house finally looks as though someone is living in it. Although, it is just Wayne for now. The girls and I are going through a rough transition without him. However, we will be fine. As everyone knows, we are a bunch of tough cookies . It has been quite crazy. We are literally living out of boxes in New Orleans. And our daily schedule is more hectic than ever. Hana is our social butterfly. She was chosen for the All Star team for cheerleading and will be competing in the Spirit Bowl in just a couple of weeks. Her practices are usually four times a week and tends to run two to four hours long. She is still dancing twice a week as well. Now add school on top of that. It seems as though she has a busier schedule than Wayne and I put together. She absolutely loves it though and would not change a thing. Alaia, on the other hand, is Hana's biggest supporter. She attends most of her practices and games that Hana cheers for and will cheer Hana on. She loves watching her big sister in action and thinks she's great but, Alaia will always be our little wall flower. Clea is a clone of Hana. She is also very social. She will go up to anyone just to say hello. She loves the attention. She follows both her sisters everywhere they go and wants to do everything that they do. And, she is already into purses. Boy, do we have trouble! Anyway, we hope everyone is doing great. We will send more pics of the girls as soon as we get them. In the meantime, enjoy some of our house. We are so proud of it.
The kitchen, dining room, and living room all flow into one open space. It is great for entertaining, which I love to do.
This is the same as the above except taken from the living room.
My lovely living room with all of my moms furniture which I talked her out of.
Wayne and Carolyn's bedroom. After three children, this is where the magic will never happen again. You all know that I am kidding, right?
Our media room/playroom/guestroom. Hope to see some of you here soon.
The pool room. Yes, that red wall will be painted over.
Hana's room. She is so excited not having to share her room with her little sister.
Alaia's room. She, on the otherhand, does not want her own room. Alaia loves sneaking into Hana's bed and cuddling with her in the middle of the night.
Clea, as you can see, made herself quite comfortable.

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