Thursday, August 31, 2006

Alaia's first day of Pre-Kindergarten and loving it. I don't know how it works but, the teachers rave about her in school. "She's an Angel", "She was a pleasure today", and "She was perfect" is all we hear them say. THEN, she comes home to mommy and daddy and we don't know where the halo goes. Overall, she is an extremely sweet girl. We oh so love our Alaia.
Alaia in Pre-K and Hana in 2nd grade.
Ba's sweet angel. She is so in love with this baby. Mainly because the other two are too old now to cuddle with. And, Clea does have her wrapped around her finger. When she calls out "Ba", Ba does indeed melt.

Hana is 7 years old now. She is loving her 5th year of dance and is ecstatic about being a cheerleader this year. She will be cheering at football games. We cannot wait to see her on the go.
Everyone knows Poppy loves his girls. Clea is Poppy's tail right now. She follows him everywhere he goes and throws a fit if he goes outside without her. Alaia is Poppy's buddy. I think that she may be his favorite as well. But, he won't admit it. Poppy and Alaia love eating their Pho together. And watch out with disciplining her in front of him. He will blow a fuse. Hana on the otherhand, is Poppy's princess. She is perfect in his eyes. Everything she does is #1 in Poppy's Book. Whee! Clea seems to get into everything. This child began walking at 91/2 months. We could not slow her down. We wish we could but, that didn't happen. She is precious in our eyes regardless.

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